Hey boo,

let's go..

1. Tea or Coffee?

tea, witch, and autumn image autumn, coffe, and cozy image
du thé car je ne supporte plus le café.

2. Apple or Pumpkin pie?

food and pie image autumn, pie, and fall image
Tarte aux pommes c'est un de mes desserts préférer.

3. Baking or Hiking?

autumn, leaves, and fall image autumn, nature, and fall image
Randonnée pour moi, j'adore, surtout en automne.

4. Hot Cider or Fresh Donuts?

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

5. Turtlenecks or Scarves?

fashion, autumn, and outfit image Image removed
Les écharpes c'est ma vie.

6. Sunny or rainy days?

rain, city, and wallpaper image green, rain, and forest image
Je vis pour les jours de pluie.

7. Cinnamon buns or Toffee apples?

Halloween, sweet, and apple image apple, autumn, and fall image
Rien de mieux qu'une pomme d'amour.
fashion, style, and brown image autumn, tea, and fall image
8. Sweaters/ sweatshirts or Cardigans? Je quitte jamais mon pull.

9. Stay home or Go out?

green, rain, and forest image autumn, fall, and Halloween image
Les deux, j'aime quand il fait sombre dehors ! Et j'adore rester chez moi pour regarder Harry Potter.

10. Books or Netflix?

stranger things, netflix, and series image autumn, bed, and candles image
Netflix pour toujours.

11. S'mores or Cookies?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Je suis accro, cooooookies.

12. Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Inspiring Image on We Heart It friendsgiving, tablescape, and friendsgiving tablescape image
En tant que Francaise je rêve de fêter Thanksgiving.

13. Neutral or colorful?

fashion, aesthetic, and gucci image fashion, korean, and outfit image

14. Cosy blankets or Sitting in front of the fire?

Temporarily removed book, fall, and autumn image

15. A Haunted house or a Corn maze?

Temporarily removed autumn, fall, and maze image

Thanks for reading my article! Have a great Fall lovely people. ♡♡