We are what we love.

1. I Forgot That You Existed

dark image aesthetic, black and white, and brunette image fuck, i dont care, and fuck you image kelsey calemine, fatherkels, and kelsey image
It isn't love, it isn't hate, it's just indifference

2. Cruel Summer

couple, love, and dark image love, couple, and night image game, rustic, and woodworking image flash, garden, and jeans image
I love you, ain't that the worst thing you ever heard?

3. Lover

christmas, light, and winter image couple, love, and dance image love, couple, and Relationship image back, kiss, and morning image
And you'll save all your dirtiest jokes for me

4. The Man

fashion, style, and outfit image leonardo dicaprio, the wolf of wall street, and dollar image 90s, girl, and woman image girl, female, and future image
I'm so sick of running as fast as I can wondering if I get there quicker if I was a man

5. The Archer

arrow, aesthetic, and black and white image Lyrics, quotes, and Taylor Swift image girl, mirror, and shadow of silence image couple, hug, and Relationship image
'Cause all of my enemies started out friends

6. I Think He Knows

alcohol, glass, and hand image actor, british, and Hot image lips image couple, hand, and lovers image
He's so obsessed with me and boy I understand

7. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince

america, us, and usa image aesthetic and cheerleader image school image 90s, beautiful, and blue image
Boys will be boys then, where are the wise men?

8. Paper Rings

love, couple, and girl image love, couple, and beach image finland, girl, and levi image Taylor Swift image
I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this

9. Cornelia Street

aesthetic, backseat, and car image europe, Houses, and italy image 120, 6x6, and cornelia image couple, love, and goals image
And baby I get mystified by how this city screams your name

10. Death By A Thousand Cuts

bedroom, blonde, and body image love, heart, and red image love, drunk, and quotes image break up, quotes, and netflix image
If the story's over why am I still writing pages?

11. London Boy

aesthetic, alternative, and camden town image tea, food, and cake image Image by ketikokaia97_1 london, autumn, and rain image
They say home is where the heart is but God I love the English...

12. Soon You'll Get Better

college, hospital, and medicine image Catholic, god, and pray image mother and Taylor Swift image aesthetic, sad, and crying image
What am I supposed to do? If there's no you

13. False God

gold, jesus christ, and lips image couple, romance, and love image black and white and couple image couple and sexy image
I know heaven's a thing, I go there when you touch me

14. You Need To Calm Down

Taylor Swift image Taylor Swift and crown image lgbtq, lover, and me image flag, free, and peace image
'Cause shade never made anybody less gay

15. Afterglow

boy, fight, and girl image black, couple, and hug image love, sad, and don't go image aesthetics, clouds, and nature image
Why'd I have to break what I love so much?

16. ME!

Taylor Swift, lover, and taylor image Taylor Swift, vogue, and lover image couple, boy, and summer image fun and gryffindor image
Living in winter, I am your summer

17. It's Nice To Have A Friend

space, boy, and art image student image love, couple, and goals image aesthetic, besties, and edit image
Someone gave you the nerve to touch my hand

18. Daylight

aesthetic, gold, and sea image couple, love, and kiss image couple, love, and romance image Taylor Swift image
I once believed love would be burning red but it's golden

I got inspired by this article which is absolutely brilliant! :)