Hey everyone!
This oc is inspired by spy movies. She is a part of a team of criminals put together to do a secret job for the government.
Hope you enjoy!



  • Name: Samantha Aurdun
  • NIckname: Sam
  • Code Name: Black Rose
  • Age: 24
  • Team Position: The Leader

Back Story

Samantha was a prodigy ever since she was little. By the time she was five her father, who was director of the CIA, decided to teach her along side agents and not in a normal school.
By the time she turned 18 she joined a secret task force of 10 women called The Black Garden, where she acquired the code name Black Rose. The women in this task force were trained to locate, seduce and kill anyone the CIA ordered them to. Unfortunately two years into the program the agents were compromised and killed, expect for Sam, who being the youngest was protected by the others.
The people who killed the rest of her team went after her but when they got into CIA head quarters the only person there was her father, who after denying to reveal the whereabouts of his daughter was killed.
Samantha swore revenge on the people who killed her father and after locating and killing them she became one of CIA's most wanted.
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Samantha cut her hair short and dyed her blonde hair brown when she went on the run, black eyes and freckles, she is short but as an athletic body.

Day To Day Style

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She always dressed the way she was taught. In an innocent looking way, she knows no one would suspect her. After she went into hiding she started to wear more black and more discreet clothing.

Mission Style

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During missions she either wears all back or a red sexy outfit that shows of her body.


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Sam is the embodiment of a Femme Fatale. She is manipulative, seductive, dangerous, rebel and natural leader. She is also full of regret and anger from her past.


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She is very skilled in combat and with almost every weapon but she always prefers either a gun or a knife. Or she will just use her own hands.

The Team

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The she joined for this mission his made of four guys and two girls, including herself. They are all criminals, some wanted, some are prodigies that no one was caught or found yet, and everyone has a specialty.
  • Scarlet Marion- The Con-women
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Scarlet is the other girl in the group. She is a known con-women in the crime world, she is known to always get what she wants trough her looks and her words. She and Sam got a long from the beginning being the only women.
  • Jack Thorn- The Mind
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Jack is the best criminal master mind there is, he is a prodigy like Sam and he is the one who comes up with the plans, he is the one who always knows the ways in the ways out of places, and the one who makes the best always get way safely. Him and Samantha didn't always get along in the beginning but after the admitted to themselves how they felt the tension disappeared.
  • Hayden Dayton- The Hacker
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Hayden is a wanted hacker, he is the best at what he does. Anything you want from just finding secret blueprints to place where the heist is taking place to finding information to destroy someone's life or making someone disappear from the face of the earth, he can do it. Hayden and Sam got along very well from the start although he thought she was way to young to be the leader.
  • Mason Goodwill- The Muscle
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Mason is a ex marine who went rouge after he found out some information that made him realize that the government and the people he worked for weren't who he thought they were. Mason sees Samantha as a little sister and they formed a bond from the first day.
  • Keyton Parvel- The assassin
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Keyton is a trained and wanted assassin, he is the best at what he does, he is the best at going unnoticed everywhere, and the best at eliminating who it's needed. At first Sam thought he was very quite and they didn't really get to talk until the heist was in movement. After that they became good friends and allies.