So have you ever heard the term "dumb blonde". Me being a blonde I have been shamed most of my life. People talking about me behind my back, snickering and acting like they are my friends for a while then completely dissing me like I'm a homeless man asking for a home. I started high school this year and I thought everyone would be the same ( mean, backstabbing, bratty) but they were completely different. My parents always say " your hair is so beautiful, you're lucky you have blonde hair. So many people have died their hair to try to match your hair color." I didn't believe her until my 7th-grade year. So at the beginning of 7th grade, I wanted to have brown hair. I don't know why I thought brown would look good in my hair. I went to the store and bought some hair dye that supposedly washed out in the shower. I think you were supposed to put the hair dye in after the shower and sleep with it in till the next shower. I put half the bottle in my hair in one night and in the morning my hair was orange. My whole middle school life I was a redhead because I thought it was a good idea to dye my hair brown.