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NAME: Lizard Headshor
NICKNAME: Liz (pronunciation like zzz)
AGE: different ages. In the past 17, in the present 31 (read more to know what it means)


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Young Lizard - Amybeth McNulty
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Adult Lizard - Emma Stone


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When she was younger she was usual putting together her hair in two messy braids. She was used to wearing dresses and woolen sweaters. When she went in the woods with her brother and her grandfather she usually wore boots and an old boiler suit of her dad.
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Now she usually keeps her hair down or, sometimes, in a high ponytail. She likes to wear shirts or blouses. She never stopped wearing cardigans


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She's very extrovert. In the district, everyone knows her because of her exuberant way of doing everything. She's smart, even if sometimes she seems exactly the opposite. She's true, loyal, and sometimes overprotective with the ones who love.


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She's really smart. She's good at cooking and, because of this, she knows a lot of herbs and plants. She is also an expert of minerals because her dad taught her a lot about the caves. She can use an ax because since childhood she liked to cut wood for the fire with her granddad. He loves playing with her and her brother at throwing darts at trees too, so she learned to have aimed.


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District 12


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She had, besides her parents and her grandfather, an older brother, Tyrios (Timothee Chalamet), who died in a mine explosion while he was working there, and a younger brother, Malykayah (Jaeden Martell), who died in the 71st Hunger Games.


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During her years as a mentor, she became a really good friend of Finnick, Annie, and Johanna. Finnick was her best friends and she was one of the few people at Capitol who really understand and care about Johanna. Then she met Katniss in 13 and the two became quite friends. Then, when they came all back to 12, she kept in contact and she also became friend with Peeta.


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Haymitch Abernathy


Lizard took part at the 61st Hunger Games, from which she came out as a winner. During the Games, Haymitch Abernathy was her mentor and the two became really good friends. They were there for each other and while he helped her with her nightmares, she kept him soberer.
Then one day, after about six months, he asked her for a date and, while they were walking in the forest, they kissed. After that, they became a couple.
Then her brother died in the caves and she started to fall apart because the two were really close to each other, but she tried to stay strong for her mother and Malykayah. After a few years of calm, in which she and Haymitch officially became a couple, her brother was sorted for the Hunger Games.
She wanted to keep him alive and she left the other tribute in danger, therefore the strategist decided to kill him off. Her mother committed suicide and she remained alone in her pain.
In the meantime, she discovered she was pregnant with Haymitch, but she was scared that someone in Capitol wanted to kill her baby because of her actions during her brother's games. Therefore she decided to give birth to her child and then going to live in the woods after she faked her death and the baby's one.

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Haymitch agreed and they decided he would come visit them every time possible in the woods. But after Liz was gone, he started drinking again and never gone in the wood because he fought she was really dead. In fact, she escaped far away from 12 because peacemakers followed her. She arrived up to the district 13; she planned to stay there to calm things down because it was an abandoned place. Then she found out that 13 was not as dead as everyone fought.


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She helped with the revolution but nobody in Capitol found out that she was alive. Then, when everyone came to 13 she went to meet Finnick and she explained everything to him. He helped her telling the truth to Haymitch. When he first saw her he thought she was an illusion, but then he hugged her and kissed her. She explained to him that President Coin hadn't let her tell him the truth, but he understood. Then he went met his daughter, Talìa. They lived together during their stay in district 13. Then Liz enjoyed Katniss and Finnick's team and take part in the pass-pro. She survived and after Coin died, she and Haymitch left 13 to live peacefully in 12. They married and then had another son, Timothee. - Well, hope everyone enjoys this and thank you for reading. Elisa <3