I felt a break in a sacred place where your hands don't heal
These are the reasons you're ruled by the things you feel
Out of the deep waters and all their intricacies
This is the real face of all your enemies
I felt you escape into empty space where my heart can't feel
Down in that darkness
You met all the things you feared
And I knew,
There was nothing I could do
Could you stomach it anymore
Could you stand to be a breath away
Can you feel the way your face distorts
Did you think that it could be this way
I can hear you from behind the door
I can feel you from a mile way
As you're growing out of my control
I cant watch you as you fade away

You can't escape forever
Mistaking smoke for heaven's light
follow or fade to black and white
And I could take you home
Pretend the best's still ahead
Maybe in the sun you'll see
You got what you want
But not what you need.

I'm afraid
That this darkness has made you feel this way
I lost my soul in your skin tones.