6th Article
The same year, another loss.

I lost my uncle, my father’s sister’s husband.
I was very close to him.
In my family, I'm the introvert one but with him, I used to feel free as if I can say anything, I can do anything.
He died because of some infection.
Some people say this was the way he was supposed to die, some say it was doctors fault.
I don’t know whether it was his destiny or not but I do know that he was not willing to die.
I tried hard to save him. I prayed, tried black magic, tried to send him positive vibes, kept a distance from him.
I did not meet him in his last few days because I thought he won’t go without meeting me.
I think it was my biggest mistake.
I wish I could meet him for the last time and say goodbye.
When I saw his body... it was like it’s someone’s else.
He was my ‘fufaji’ ya, that's what we call here in India.
The body I saw was not of my fufa ji. My fufa ji was strong, tall, smart. But the body, it was thin, dark as if having no light within him.
How can someone lose all of his sparks and shine after dying?
I wish I could bring him back one last time.
Just to look at that smile one last time.
Just to touch his hand and take his blessings one last time.
Just to hear his voice, his jokes, his stories one last time.
I wish I could live those days again one last time.
One last time.

Miss you fufa ji