I hate feeling that you don´t care about me anymore.
I hate feeling lonely by your side and I hate thinking that you only think off me when it´s about your presents or your f*cking charger.
This summer with you was awful.

You came with me in summer holidays to the beach and I thought it would be fun, but once you met the boy, you forgot about me and started dating him. You asked me if I would like to go for a walk with you two, but I hate being the third-wheel.

He is weird.
He is a f*ckboy.
He is bad for you.
He tried to flirt with me while being with you and when I told you, you didn´t believed me.

Remember that day? It was the 12th anniversary of my grandpa and I was crying but you told me not to cry cause your boyfriend was sad about his ferret being sick.
I hated you.
I hated him.
Did you know how I felt? I felt awful. Did you just told me not to cry about my fave person in the world??

I´m not sorry for eating the chocolate frog I bought you in London after you told me you were mad because I wasn´t in Madrid to talk with you.
I´m not sorry for not wrapping your present and not trying to meet with you these days. I´m not sorry for being mad at you.

I´m mad at you cause you told me that these were going to be our holidays but a boy told you "you are pretty" and you just forgot that I existed.
I´m mad cause you call me a sl*t when I told you that last year I kissed one of my workmates when no one saw it.
I´m mad at you cause you don´t see how blue I am and I´m mad that you think it´s okay to blame me for going to London with my friends.
I´m mad at you cause it feels like I am not allowed to have fun if it is not with you. I want to have fun.
The fun I didn´t have with you

So I´m not sorry to tell you that I don´t wanna see you for a while. Because I know that you will only talk me about this boy.
The boy who talk you shit about me even if he doesn´t know me.
The boy who makes me feel like a villain.
The boy who thinks he is all I talk about.
The boy who make me feel lonely.
The boy who ruined my holidays.
The boy who you love.

I´m sorry I can´t handle this, without feeling pain in my chest. Without crying. Without feeling loveless.

I hope no one ever makes you feel like you made me feel. And I hope someday you realise how bad I feel.

After all, you are my best friend.