Hello my fellow autumn-lovers!

As it is soon the begin of autumn, I wanted to write an article dedicated to my favourite season. Here are some reasons I love autumn, some fun ideas what to do this autumn and it`s perfect to just get it the autumn mood. So enjoy!

autumn, tree, and fall image autumn, sunset, and fall image autumn, village, and city image autumn, fall, and leaves image
It is beautiful just walking around, being surrounded red orang and yellow shades.
rain, autumn, and city image autumn, fall, and leaves image
On rainy days you can just relax. It is calming watching the rain fall.
autumn, beautiful, and bonfire image fire, forest, and nature image
You can make bonfires with friends. Sitting by the fire eating delicious food and telling eachother scary stories.
autumn, fall, and maze image Temporarily removed
You can go to a corn maze. I have never been to one before but i would love to go there some time.
Image removed pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
Carving pumpkins is just part of autumn.
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To end with some autumn-quotes.

I hope this article helped to give you some inspiration!

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