August started with going out to a party I didnt even want to attend. I went because I didnt want to let my friends down again. And that was a good idea. One of them ran around kissing boys she didnt know and the other one and I just sat in one corner and talked for hours. We discussed our relationships and the problems they bring with them. She is with his boyfriend for five years now and she is just not happy. I tried to convince her that when she is not happy with how things are going she probably needs a change and should break up with him. Some would say I am a bad friend but I am just being realistic. Whats the point about being in a relationship with someone you love and hate at the same time? I am so happy that I have a boyfriend that loves me unconditionally, no matter what and who can be angry with me without screamin. And so do I. I love him so much. I love him to pieces. To the moon and back. We dont fight. We have disagreements, but we never fight. We talk about the
things in reasonable volume. I am so thankful for that because my parents always fought about everything. And they shouted at each other. I hated that. Feels good to be able to speak about things that we dont like. The rest of August was pretty much as always. I went working, had some time with my boyfriend and we visited his mum over the weekend. His mom is exhausting. She is that kind of person that has no idea what she is talking about but insists that she is always right. Like you can heal cancer with raw food. That's just one of many subjects she talked about without having any proof that eating raw food really helps. It's crazy. But I love her son so I need to stay calm.