Hey lovies! Inspiration is one of the things that surround us so often but disappear at times we need it the most and I honestly think inspiration is one of the things most human beings need in order to contain happiness. So as uncontrollable inspiration is I wanted to share my ways of staying inspired and finding new inspiration.


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Yes, music. This might sound like something extremely basic to some of you ,but I think we underrate the influence music has on us. However I also believe that everyone is inspired by different music genres, artists and lyrics and if you haven’t found the specific music that inspires you I would feel more than happy to help you figure that out since I spent way too much time listening to different kinds of music anyway. Please feel free to just contact me.

m e l
m e l


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Since I already love reading this is one of the most important points for me. I find books very inspiring especially books with strong empowering protagonists that talk about important topics. My last inspirational read was becoming- Michelle Obama. (10/10 would recommend the hype is really well deserved!) If you don’t know what to read just check out my last book list or check out Goodreads , a website dedicated to reading where you can communicate with other readers, read book reviews, join clubs and check out different lists and recommendations.

3. Pinterest & weheartit

Okay I won’t explain this one since you all are on here anyways , but I will say that some of the things on who that inspire me the most are other peoples articles especially if the include opinions or poetry.


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Thanks for reading, If you have questions, suggestions or just simply need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me.

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