hey everyone- so now that september is here, I'm all about channeling my inner basic bitch with some autumn trends! without further ado, here are my favourite fall-time things

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🍁 colder weather

autumn, fall, and rain image closeup, cold, and delicate image
I much prefer cold weather to hot weather, so autumn-winter is definitely my favourite time of the year

🍁 fall fashion

fashion, style, and outfit image autumn, fashion, and fall image
I think that the autumn fashion trends are so much more interesting and fun to experiment with than the other seasons

🍁 pumpkin spice lattes

autumn, cozy, and fall image Image removed
here is where I show my inner basic white girl... but the starbucks psl is a small blessing in life for me!

🍁 getting my nails done in autumnal colours

nails, beauty, and fashion image nails, red, and aesthetic image
I love to change up my nail colour according to the time of the year, and I wayyy prefer warm autumnal colours like red, orange and mauve

🍁 halloween

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image witch, simpsons, and fire image
arguably the best holiday of the year (except for christmas, of course) because you can dress up, carve pumpkins and be silly with your friends

🍁 the cosy vibes!

autumn, candle, and fall image home, chair, and decor image
lighting a few candles and running a hot bath is a side of fall that I absolutely love!

🍁 going back to school

call me weird, but I actually like going back to school, seeing my friends and setting new goals for the academic year