Where I give you some unpopular opinions on Game of Thrones.

I Didn't Mind Viserys

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After I read the first Song of Ice And Fire Novel I was really sad George Martin didn't make Viserys at least a good older brother to Dany. I always used to write in his style of writing if he was actually a good boi. He's pervy, he's weird, he's dumbass, but he could've been BETTER. I don't hate him anyways though, even though he's what I just said. Please don't hate though.

If You Think Cersei Should Be In Hufflepuff Fuck You

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I don't wanna say more. You get the idea.

Rhaegar and Lyanna were horrible

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I never told anyone I shipped this, to this day I'll never :] Rhaegar was 24, grown man with 2 children and was so obsessed with a stupid prophecy he never noticed what kind of pain it would bring to his wife, and even children. That's 8 YEARS AGE GAP and no one is saying of it! Stop thinking they had a perfect relationship, I only wrote a article to explain their emotions together, I made it look pretty, and I did a collection, but it's trying to be as accurate as I can, even though this app shapes this couple as perfect.

Jon And Dany Getting Together Was Horrible.

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INSECT!! Like what da... why do people ship this??

Cersei Could've Been Better

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This is not done because it's the middle of the day and I'm sick...

Update - 22nd August 2021
I think I was out of my mind the day of wirting this