Hello there! I'm Maria and I've been interested to get into writing for a while. So here I am giving it a try :)

So basically I came across a 30 day letter writing challenge which I thought would be amazing for me to get started. I'm the kind of person that really enjoys writing long texts or letters, so it seemed like the perfect fit. Nevertheless, I'm just only getting some inspiration from it because I would like to make it more of a personal experience. I hope you like it!

To my first real crush,

It's been a while since I thought about you, but somehow I ended up remembering how it all happened. By the time I met you, I was sure I had already felt these things before. But the truth is, I was never prepared to deal with the mix of emotions you caused in me.

It was quick: a shy introduction, sympathetic smiles, slight touches and light conversations. That was all it took to have you running around my mind. It was quite overwhelming to feel like this after giving up on love for a while. But somehow I enjoyed the sparks and fireworks that blew up in me every time you came around.

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For a moment, I wanted to believe you felt the same about me. But soon I realized that I had mistaken careless flirting for attraction. All those "little signs" you threw my way were just the result of your charming and flirty personality. That should have scared me away from you, but the tiny bit of hope I had in me kept me clinged to the thought of you.

Everybody warned me of you, of all the girls you went after and how much of a player you were. The rational part of me wanted to flee, to hear their advice and draw myself back. But how could I? To me, you felt like the beginning of a song you just know you're going to like. It was impossible to deprive myself from the possibility of getting to hear the whole record.

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Temporarily removed

It took you to get involved with the wrong person at the wrong time to make me realize I had to take a step back. It wasn't painful to forget you, because our story was just a whole movie I made up to keep my feelings entertained. Slowly but steady, you left my mind in peace at last.

From time to time you keep popping up, like a vague memory that's pleasant to remember. With your thought, hope comes back up again. It appears to make me believe that somehow, somewhere, our paths will cross again to write a better story. I do not cling to it anymore, but I let it live in some lost corner of my heart. Maybe if I do so, I will be ready when your stupid smile arrives to leave me undone again.

it's up to you

Yours truly,