Hello people!

So we have 7 days left together and that is insane, time does fly by! I have to admit I have been doing great overall, I had my up and downs these past few days but shit gets better. Also I am really excited because tonight I am going to be talking for the first time ever with my Director, Bea, which is very exciting.

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UPDATE: we just finished talking and honestly I can't wait to meet her, she is suuuuper funny and nice and optimistic. I fell in love.

On the other note, I have been studying a lot and I am so grateful that my French teacher didn't send any homework. Talking about my French teacher, today there was DRAMA in the classroom and a fucking fight because honestly we are sick and tired of this teacher and at any moment this ticking bomb had to explode. Dani, Ale Irina and I were in the corner of the room laughing discretely at the shit-show.

Such a good day lol.

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Day 23: Write about how you feel while writing.


Writing. My frustrated dream but at the same time a thing I love to do...it is weird. I have always tried to write stories. From "Maishoti", a graphic novel of when I was about 8 years old, to "The Alex Series", which are the random short stories I do of my OC Alex.

So after a lot of years I have come to the conclusion that maybe writing stories is not my thing which makes me feel very frustrated because I literally have this awesome ideas but when I am about to actually make them I fucking flop. It is so freaking sad, dude. I need a person who can write, make them my friend and tell them my ideas so they can write them for me. * insert mischievous grin. *

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Some of the books I have semi-started and have the length of a short story are:

  • The Marlow Times
  • Indigo
  • Whatever This Is (no title)
  • The LGBT Series
  • Piper and Leo (no title)

And it is so sad because I go back to them and read them, and re-read them but they are just stuck in there forgotten in my files. The only short story with about 70 pages I have finished is called Sweet Morality. And it all started with a joke to one of my upperclassmen and it ended up being a short story with a Moralistic dilema and philosophy. Weird shit.

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Conclusion: Writing stories is kind of frustrating because they don't go anywhere and plus I am EXTREMELY insecure about my writing skills! Yay.


Writing articles. Literally this has been my holy grace because if I can't write stories, then I guess I should shake things up. I was like: Okay girl, you suck at this so you gotta find an alternative ,give it a turn. And boom here is when We Heart It comes in and sparkles my brain with the new Articles Feature.

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When I started writing articles last year I was on cloud nine. It was the safe heaven and the space I needed to just poured what had in my mind. I was in a bad place mentally during this time of the year last year and this place was a pillow fort. I feel entirely myself when I write articles or essays. I put the my voice in the words so like...as you are reading you can hear me talking in your head. It is weird but you feel me?

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Conclusion: Writing personal things such as articles and essays makes me feel so comfortable and at bay. I can be myself and say absolutely anything.

Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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