Hi Guys I miss you, btw do you see my last article I´m kinda on my sad/remind mood

So today I want you to be honest with me and me to be honest with you. Let me introduce myself

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I´m 19teen years old
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I´m brunette
aesthetic, books, and brunette image nails, long, and yellow image
wavy natural hair and long bad bitch nails
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I wear glasses cuz I´m blind as fuck
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I´m a nerd and The Harry Potter fan
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My hair is short since my 19th birthday (December 15th)
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I love make up and hairstyles but I never use it so basically i´m a mess
I speak Spanish and English fluently and I want to learn French
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I work and study (psychology) at the same time
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My BIGGEST GOAL is travel around the world a lot of beautiful places that i want to visit
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My biggest fear is the money always the money is a problem for me and my family
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I can be the sweetest girl ever or the baddest ever
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I listen sad songs 24/7
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I always look tired
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I´m scared of relationships so they never work (i´m a mess again)
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Did you ever feel like you aren´t enought? I feel like that sometimes but is okey you´re enought and you aren´t perfect stop triying to be someone who you are NOT. When I was 14 I felt shit because i was not perfect and after work hard on me i feel shit becase i didn´t improve that time so please don´t waste you time of that way OK


btw i love and i look (in my dreams) like Phoebe tonkin