BackPack : sometimes a backpack from Nick , black , simple , alot of space and sometimes a hand bag

backpack, bag, and black image bag, basic, and black image

School essentials : big pink notebook and alot of papers

Image removed wallpaper, wallpapers, and wallpapers for girls image

3 Pencile cases :
- Black - : ink pen , alot of pens , pencil , eraser , sharpener , ruler , highlighter

black, canvas, and pencil case image vintage, ink, and Letter image pens, school, and pencil image

- purple - : some important papers and my medicine

london, purple, and pencil case image pills, blue, and grunge image

- transparent - : my makeup

Image removed Temporarily removed

Extra stuff :

water bottle

chanel, water, and luxury image flamingo, water, and aesthetic image


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


blue, blue flower, and floral image

Air pods

air, case, and chanel image yellow image


artsy, girly, and glitter image

Perfume and Glasses

fashion, style, and pink image