This has been a really introspective kind of year for me, I discovered so many things about myself and the world and the people around me. (I know there are still three months to go, but I'm mostly talking about the school nyear and the summer)

Here are some of my accomplishments/things I did and I'm grateful for:

I made many new friends

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Especially this summer. I hung out with so many new people and I'm so very happy because it had been a while since I had a big group of friends to just hang out with.

I had to let go of some people

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Sometimes there are people in our lives who are holding us back and even though they are fun to be around to and you really like them, they aren't good for your life and you have to say goodbye.

I had my first real big crush on a boy

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This really helped me understand that I'm capable of feeling something more than just physical attraction, I honestly didn't think I could and it felt so sad. I never told him how I felt cause we became such good friends that the feeling of wanting a love relathionship faded away, but still, he was my first ever serious crush and I'll never forget him.

I had sex for the first time

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I lost my virginity with a friend of mine and it wasn't really great, but it wasn't really bad either. I'm just happy I lost it with someone I trust

I passed all of my classes

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I'm really really proud of myself for this, this is the first year that I passed all of my classes without having debts (in Italy we call the exams we have on september like that)

I had my very first date with a girl

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It didn't go very well, cause she was very shy and I'm not really great at small talk, but still it's a first and I'm just grateful for the experience.

I went to the #milanopride2019

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First pride I've ever been to: I cried, I laughed, I got a little bit drunk and I had so much fun

I kissed a lot

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Kissing strangers just gives you that adrenaline like you could rule the world lmao

I took photos of me and my friends

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They just make me so happy I'm in love

I could finally put a bikini on without feeling self conscious

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It was so liberating honestly, I couldn't put one on in years I'm just so happy with myself and so proud

I lost a lot of pounds since 2018

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not that I exercised a lot, I just stopped binge-eating whenever I was too stressed or anxious

This year I got to know myself deeply, I went to a psychologist and I understood many little things that I couldn't explain about my past and my present and how I view the future.

I started loving myself (even though I still feel like shit from time to time, but it's totally normal) and I made good choices for my life and I'm proud of myself.

So in the end I really think this year has been one of the best of my life and I'm so so so thankful for it. Now I'm a little bit scared of the new year but I hope it's going to be just as good as this year, hopefully even better. Hope you had a great year and I wish you a happy 2020💕💕💕