Hi, person. Or dog. Whatever.

I’m here to talk about jealousy! Not the my boyfriends is talking to another girl I want to kill her type of jealousy. But the my best friend is talking to other people and hangs out with them more than me type of jealousy.

I know you’re probably thinking is she crazy? Well, yes, yes I am. But that’s not the point here. The point is, I hate being jealous.
Btw, you should know I am very insecure. Three years ago I wouldn’t even care if my best friend went and hanged out the whole week with someone else, but because of something that happened I’m really insecure about this stuff. And I just wished I wasn’t.

Things that people tell me will help with jealousy and why it doesn’t work with me:

Talk to other people

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I don’t have any other friends ‘cause I’m antisocial and I’m pretty sure everyone hates me because of how sarcastic I am.

Ignore it

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Well I can’t, ‘cause of the insecurity thing remember? It just won’t get out of my head, dumb pube.

Distract yourself

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You know, that I’m gonna give them ‘cause when I distract myself I just forget every single problem I have. Although when I stop distracting myself it all comes again like an avalanche. But that’s fine :)

Well there you go, if you ever feel jealous, distract yourself ‘cause the other stuff does not work :)

Ok, bye! <3

September 3, 2019

Postdata: I forgot to mention that I am an attention seeker (yep, I’m one of those people, but not in an annoying way) so that makes the jealousy worse. i need help