Dear Reader,

Hi, My name is Hailey Crowder and I'm a Senior in High School. I would describe myself as a very shy but blunt person. I'm the type of person who if you ask me if you look good in a dress and you don’t think you do I'll tell them they look ugly in the dress and to change. Which, unfortunately (not really) a lot of people probably think I'm mean but if that is how I feel I am going to say the truth. Which this is probably why I don’t have many friends but I am fine with that because I like a smaller closer group of friends than having 100 friends and also I honestly hate people I don’t think I could make 100 friends. I hate large crowds it gives me major anxiety even going out simply makes me so nervous probably the reason I have social anxiety. Really basic things make me so nervous even going to hang out with friends (which is very rare) I get nervous. Sometimes I feel like I am alone because they are such simple things to not worry about but I do I can't help it! And I hate when people tell me to not worry it's like telling someone with depression to not be sad. Another thing I feel alone is teenager things, for example, snapchat, vaping, etc I could care less about stupid streaks I literally think it is so stupid but like everybody has a snapchat. And vaping it's just stupid I definitely don’t agree with this one but it may also be because my mom she smokes cigarettes and also vapes which her addiction is insane so it shows me I definitely don’t wanna do that.

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On a different note, I really like to get to know people more on a deeper level I don't care necessarily what their favorite color is but has there been a time in their life that they were sad? What types of obstacles have they had to go through like their parents divorcing or something more serious. I like to know people’s deepest darkest secrets. Which brings me to another trait of mine is that I am a Scorpio. And very proud to be one! I love astrology and I find it really cool and fascinating. Most of the characteristics of a Scorpio I totally can relate to. For example, Scorpios know what they want and arent’s afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it. I can definitely relate to this one I don't really mind working hard and going a while to achieve my goals. Another characteristic of me is that I am very secretive so I do not let people easily know what’s going on in my mind. Which may have to do something with being shy cause I'm not very outgoing and talkative when meeting someone.

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One of my hobbies is dance specifically ballet and contemporary those are my favorite dance styles. Dance has taught me a lot in life about discipline, how life isn't fair, etc. It's a way for me to express myself without having to talk! Which is amazing for me. This year in the Nutcracker I am Marzipan and I have a solo! I am so excited about that because I was really hoping for a good role in the Nutcracker and I finally achieved it. Ballet is very difficult a lot of people think it is easy but the point of us dancing is to make it look easy! Because when performing you do not wanna see a ballerina struggling so you have to hide and make it look so easy and effortless which is very hard but for me being a natural talent it comes easier. And to end this letter of introduction I’ll give you a funny little story. Once when I was little I ate a penny because I thought it was chocolate which by the way I love chocolate but anyways I started choking on the penny and my dad had to Heimlich me. Hope you enjoyed it and learned a little about me!

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Hope you enjoyed this! I had to do this for creative writing and I thought I would share.