hello my dear dreamers

i'm here to write (again) about being a dreamer and about wanting with all your soul to travel the whole world.

i get a little frustrated talking about travel, since i have no experience with it, but i seek with all my heart to travel the whole world so i need to talk about traveling, even though now i'm not doing it.

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i will try to do what i (think i) do best: write about my dreams and try to give at least a little motivation to souls seeking big purpose & big dreams!

i hope i can help you!

i remember i never wanted a career when i was little. i never dreamed of being someone big, but i remember perfectly well wanting to do big things. i think we all want in a way to make a difference in the world and in my opinion the first step we must take is to do what is good for us so that we can make others feel good.

i always enjoyed reading. i read my first book with more than 200 pages when i was nine. i started writing music at the same age and at about 13 i started writing fanfictions. yes, i entered the writers' world through fanfictions, and no, they weren't fanfics about one direction (LOL)

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writing about my dreams and other realities has always been normal for me. living in other worlds, in fact, was more normal to me than living in my own reality. i am a dreamer, i always want more, i always seek my dreams and reading and writing have always been a way for me to escape the dark days and even the dark years of my life.

after a few months of going to therapy, i discovered that my purpose had always been in front of me for a long time. this is the way i have to go: seek to be a writer. and my hunger for living in other worlds has made me sure that I have to be a traveler, a nomad.

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i'm working really hard to make my dreams come true and you should do the same. I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT.

i am tired of living in the pages of books, inside my own mind, in the fantasies that i creat. i wanna live in the present, in this world, traveling and writing and living what my soul seeks :)


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if i had to choose to do something for the rest of my life, that would be it, it would be travel! there's nothing that makes my heart so warm and calm, there's nothing that makes me so grateful for my life and the earth as traveling does.

knowing new cultures, meeting new people, eating different foods, listening and speaking different languages, discovering things you didn't know about yourself, there is so much that travel can bring to your own growth as a human being.

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i wanna live to tell stories. to be able to tell my own story without skipping any part. i wanna meet people with stories completely different from mine, i wanna be grateful every day. and i know with all my heart that to be me in all my essence is to live my dream completely, and to live my dream completely is to travel this big and beautiful blue planet until i get tired. (BUT I JUST KNOW I'll never get tired lol)


in a few weeks, maybe less, i will start a new series of articles with (MANY) travel tips, nomadic life inspiration, lots of references, books, movies, videos and other really cool stuff. i will write very complete articles and guides for you to live your life as travelers and to be happy doing what you (REALLY) like.

i hope you guys are excited because i sure am.

stay tuned in the coming days for more news

and please be a dreamer.

life is too short to keep living in the same boring reality.

go live what's on your mind. <3

if you've had a sad day, or if you're having a bad week, i hope this article has given you a lil motivation to keep looking for your dreams.

✶ DM ME anytime if you wanna chat ✶


see you soon, dreamers! xX

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