Today I'm going to be writing about a mythical creature according to @brownhaireddreamer 's article:

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day 2 : what does your character look like; his/her eye color, hair color, face shape etc.

Aaliyah has a diamond shaped face with a strong jawline and defined cheekbones. Her skin is a beautiful caramel tone. She has beauty marks sprinkled over her skin.

girl, beauty, and icon image aaliyah and woman image

She has a straight nose that she gets from her mother. She has full, plump lips.

aesthetic, lips, and gold image aesthetic, girls, and glam image

She has slender upturned eyes. Her eyes are dark brown with golden flecks; a trait that she shares with her father. She has full, bushy brows.

pink image makeup, eyes, and beauty image

She has a long, thick, and curly mane of black hair. She usually wears her hair down with butterfly clips and berets in it.

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She is an average height and curvy.

beautiful, tumblr, and jorja image

Her style is best described as Y2K, bratz doll, glitter, butterflies, with a hint of bohemian.

fashion, aesthetic, and butterfly image 90s, aesthetic, and alternative image pink, 90s, and aesthetic image 2000s, accessoires, and aesthetic image

b.t.w: butterflies are so prominent because her animal is the butterfly.

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