1. what is the first thing you wash in the shower

hair, aesthetic, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and earrings image
my hair

2. what colour is your favourite hoodie

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3. would you kiss the last person you kissed again

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i have never kissed anyone so..

4. do you plan outfits

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5. how are you feeling right now

girl, korean, and aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
lonely and kinda bored

6. what is the closet thing to you that is red

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red pants

7. tell me about your last dream

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it was about my ex-girlfriend

8. did you meet anybody new today

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no, i have been home all day

9. what are you craving right now

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a smoothie..

10. do you floss

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11. what comes to mind when i say "cabbage"

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just a photo of a cabbage..idk

12. are you emotional

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yes!!!!! very!!!!

13. have you ever counted to 1000

aesthetic, alternative, and beige image aesthetic, alternative, and beige image
no?? why would anyone do that

14. do you bit your ice cream or just lick it

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15. do you like your hair

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it's okay, my hair is super frizzy tho!

16. do you like yourself

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for the most part

17. would you go to dinner with george w. bush

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if he's paying!

18. what are you listening to right now

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april - oh! my mistake

19. are your parents strict

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no! they let me go and do whatever i want for the most part

20. would you go skydiving

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no way, heights terrify me

21. have you ever met a celebrity

aesthetic, alternative, and boy image aesthetic, boy, and couple image
yes, i have met norman reedus from the walking dead, as well as stan lee and a few other people

22. do you rent movies often

anime, aesthetic, and movie image girl and aesthetic image
no not really

23. is there anything sparkly in the room your in

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not anything that i see?

24. how many countries have you visited

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i've never left my own country

25. have your ever made a prank phone call

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yes hehe

26. do you own a gun

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no, most people where i live do not have guns

27. are you sarcastic

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28. have you ever slapped someone

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yes, my sibling

29. do you have a job

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no, but i do need one

30. when was the last time you ate peanut butter and jam sandwhich

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a few days ago :DD