❝ eat. sleep. binge. repeat. ❞

Teen Wolf »

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def a wonderfully mysterious show for all the horror and thriller fanatics out there. also a great show to watch during spooky season. highly recommend.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina »

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another amazing spooky show, can't get enough of it. highly recommend.

How to Get Away with Murder »

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incredible law show and highly suspenseful. highly recommend.

Parks and Recreation »

chris pratt, aubrey plaza, and parks and recreation image quotes image actor, funny, and tv show image Amy Poehler, aubrey plaza, and parks and recreation image
much more light hearted than the other 3. honestly thought it was funnier than the office.

The Haunting of Hill House »

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so spooky and eerie def loved it. highly highly recommend. deals with a few triggering things though: (suicide, overdose, addiction)

Selling Sunset »

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really good tv show to watch if u love reality tv. tons of drama.

Insatiable »

debby ryan, insatiable, and michael provost image insatiable and dallas roberts image gif and insatiable image Temporarily removed
hear me out before you go off, it's a really random show but honestly entertaining to watch. could be a lot worse, give it a try.

Pretty Little Liars »

lucy hale, pretty little liars, and janel parrish image lucy hale, pretty little liars, and janel parrish image Temporarily removed toby and pretty little liars image
i mean c'mon this one is a classic. everyone needs to watch it.

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