Name: Francesca Barlow


hair, fashion, and hairstyle image makeup, beauty, and glitter image Inspiring Image on We Heart It lips, red, and aesthetic image girl, white, and bed image makeup, beauty, and laura mercier image
Light brown hair, green eyes, full lips, 5'8"


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Image by n a t h a l i e fashion, outfit, and street style image fashion, style, and outfit image black, footwear, and heels image fashion, sunglasses, and accessories image chanel, beauty, and makeup image


luxury, fashion, and dior image dior, coffee, and food image Image removed fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed


James Barlow

boy, black and white, and guy image eyes, green, and eye image vodka, quotes, and lemonade image Image removed
brother; light brown hair and green eyes, 2 years older than Francesca

William Barlow

Image removed suit, man, and tie image Abusive image money, transfer, and money flip image
father; American film director, light brown hair and brown eyes

Alice Bianchi

black and white, bw, and city image back, cosmetic, and Espalda image dress, girl, and fashion image couple, black and white, and back image
mother; Italian model, light brown hair and green eyes


Image removed Image removed Image removed gossip girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen, and eric van der woodsen image
Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate, Eric


Simon Parker

boy, Hot, and black and white image love, voice, and miss image boy, smoke, and cigarette image love, couple, and boy image boyfriend, jealous, and protective image sarcasm, quotes, and stupid image
he's her brother's best friend, 2 years older than her, black hair and brown eyes.