hey love,

i've been painting a lot more often nowadays because i've gotten an acrylic painting pad and more mini canvases for inspiration. i'm very self critical, i usually don't like what i paint but i know that with more time and practice the more i paint the more i get better at it. so here's a mini gallery of what i paint, and why

album covers

i've been doing a series of album covers, albums that are easy but that i actually listen to. i've been doing these because i'm pretty fond of music, it's always in my head even if i'm not wearing any headphones. i'm proud of some of these, and i've bought a whole bag of mini canvases to keep me going, if you've noticed i didn't paint the people in two of my canvases because i'm just horrible at creating people, i'm sure just by looking at it though you can guess who's album is it. if you guys want me to paint a specific album cover, something simple but nice, then please let me know, there's more to come

Image by rue
Image by rue

drive by

we all drive during the nicest hours of the day where the sky looks just right and the sun sets really nicely it looks like an actual painting and the sky goes to a baby blue and pinkish tone, right? now that i've painted a nice picture in your head, i'm glad to show you what i've done as of today

Image by rue

geometric patterns

as much as i hate geometry and math in general, this painting goes together and i love it. i've seen a lot of geometry in art in general and when i got into it, it satisfied me and it was surprisingly easy to accomplish. i like keeping painting names simple, because i'm so bad at it and i don't need to spend an extravagant amount of time coming up with names. if i think about it enough i'll most likely do a part two of this painting

Image by rue

sunset on the mountains

i'm starting to like painting landscapes, so mountains and skies are really cool to draw. and yet again i mixed some shape in there and i love how it turned out, there's lots of different gradients in sunsets, whether it's orange, red and yellow, purple and pink or a variation of all of them, you can paint different sunsets for any landscape

Image by rue

i hope you like what i paint and if you have any ideas at all for anything you can let me know because i'm open to suggestions. painting is therapeutic for me and i thought i'd never be any good at it but i'm making progress, so for those of you that like painting, you should do it.

bye love