I have been in a relationship for four years. We spent the first year together then for the last three years we were separated. He was in a continent and I was in a different one. At the beginning, I was devastated, broken, hurt... I couldn't speak, eat or even breath. I couldn't stop crying or blaming him for letting me all by myself. I called him many times, begging him to come back, but he couldn't. Later on, I started to think that if he was far from me, it was not destiny, it was his own decision. Was I able to hate him? of course no. Was I able to let him go? hell no. I missed every piece of him; his lips, his smile, his eyes, his hair, his hands, his whispers in my ears, his laugh and more... I wanted him here. I was suffering, but we succeeded in maintaining this relationship. I'm not going to lie, we faced so many problems, but we stayed together. People were always asking me how could you support this? how could you be so cold? and how could you trust him? the answers were just hidden under a fake smile that I was obliged to draw on my face each morning. I wasn't able to support such pain, I was not so cold; I was crying every night, but I did trust him though sometimes devils whispered to me that he would never come back. what helped us to maintain this relationship is the fact that we loved each other so much that we couldn't be separated for a stupid problem or a stupid distance. Trust me if I say love is enough because it is true. Three years without meeting face to face, without any physical connection, yet it was possible. I loved and still love him to a great extent. Now he is here, beside me, I travel with him, go to the beach and apparently I go even to the hospital with him. This is a message for people who are in a distance relationship, who are discouraged by some people who keep saying that it would never work. I am here, writing this to you, believe in your love it is always enough, trust each other, and be supportive. If I did it, you can do it.