Sometimes, my dreams are just thoughts that in some time form something like a movie. This happens often when I'm day-sleeping.
It was a pretty short dream, but it was weird and after a long time, I could remember it. I was at my grandma's and I walked into the living room and from a seethrough bag, I took a huge mug with painted christmas motives wrapped in bubble foil. I don't know why I did it, but as I picked it, I saw the face my grandma, dad and mom made. They were sitting on sofas and I felt like an absolute dummie. They were looking at me like I was gonna crash it, because obviously it was a gift for someone. I had the feeling of them being disappointed in me, so I told myself I could hold a mug for a few seconds, couldn't I?
And then someone switched me off. I felt my hands slowly descending, my eyes closing, knees sapping. It was so comfortable. It felt as if I was in the ocean. Not dangerously. Just drowning. Nothing mattered for a moment, I was free. I thought that they would instantly run and catch me, but as long as I was watching, they didn't.
And what happened after? I blacked out.