saw this cute article a while ago and have been meaning to do it

so here we go!

1. Why do you read?

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i've read since i was a kid; both my parents love books. it was what i did to escape for a while and go somewhere exciting. i love that you can be somewhere incredible, experiencing things you wouldn't ever experience in your real life, whilst curled up in a jumper in a comfy place. it's just the earliest form of imagination and creativity for me, so whenever i need a little bit of either that's where i go - to my books.

2. What kind of books do you read?

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i honestly can read anything, but mostly i read novels and poetry.

3. Favourite genre(s)?

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novels, ya novels, poetry, fantasy, romance

4. Favourite subgenre(s)?

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apocalyptic, epics, lost world, adventure, existentialist fiction, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, magic realism, gothic, occult, spy fiction

5. Do you have a favourite author?

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no, i love so many books it's hard to choose... but jk rowling's harry potter books are my favourite. not sure im a massive fan of jk anymore but i adore those books so freaking much

6. Do you have a favourite book?

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i think i may have made it obvious, but the harry potter series.

7. Do you remember the first book you ever read?

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i dont remember the first book but the earliest books i remember are reading the snow queen at school and the quartet of earthsea with my dad

8. What are you currently reading?

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the king's men from the all for the game series and call me by your name. i always read more than one book because i literally can't stop buying & starting books.

9. Do you highlight quotes in books?

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sometimes, but only when a quote really jumps out at me.

10. Do you have a favourite quote?

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"reading is a bit like hallucinating." - nathan filer, the shock of the fall

11. Paper books or ebooks?

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paper books. i get the ease of ebooks, so i do own a kindle for holidays and stuff, but nothing can beat the feel of a real book.

12. Do you use/have bookmarks?

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i just use old receipts and scrap pieces of paper as bookmarks - i used to fold corners but i hate the creases it makes.

13. Do you write/note on your books?

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nope. i mean, i did when i was reading for university, but i don't do it anymore.

14. Do you have a favourite place to read?

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curled up in bed, with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate. or whilst sunbathing.

15. Are you in any fandom/fangroups based on books or comics?

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no, not really.

16. What's your favourite film based on a book or comic?

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we're back on this train again - the harry potter films, obvs.

17. Do you have reader friends?

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just my sister.

18. What are your favourite reading/books aesthetics?

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soft summer cafe aesthetic

19. What kind of bookish person are you?

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plants, cups of tea, cosy winter, candles

Bonus Question: What are some of your reading habits?

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i hoard books. like i can never throw or give them away and i'm constantly re-reading them. but at the same time i can't stop buying new ones. i also tend to either read for like hours at a time or not at all. i'll go a week or so without reading and then pull all-nighters finishing one book.

stay inspired my loves ~