Yes, Iยดm changing _ Tame Impala.

My Goodness, this is a masterpiece.

I had previously heard a few songs by Tame Impala (and never really truly liked them), but then I heard this one and I literally felt over the moon.
I feel like it's a vibrant song that transmits nothing but real peace.

Whenever I listen to it, I feel like I'm floating in the middle of the galaxy, not belonging to any specific place but still feeling like I'm in the safest place ever.

Worlds fail when trying to certainly explain how pleasing and touching this song is. Actually, to think of the bunch of feeling Tame Impala provides us with within four minutes and half is breathtaking.

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Into black _ Bluse

I wanna watch you fade into black...

Okey, this song is pure magic.

Everytime I listen to it, I feel whether I`m the sexiest girl ever or I'm the loneliest girl on Earth.

Sometimes I feel I'm a badass, other times I feel I'm a jerk with no friends that hates everyone.


It's as if everytime I listened to it, I would get a different and new vibe. And it's pretty cool because I don't really know wich feeling it's going to bring me the next time I listen to it!

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Moving in stereo _ The Cars

Thanks Stranger Things for playing this song in one of your chapter; you showed us a gem!

My mom says this song is boring and too repetitive, but I think it's a hit and to be honest i never get tired of listening to it.

I can picture myself listening to this in the 80s while driving in my car to who knows where, without having a pointed destination, and smoking (nah guys, don't smoke).

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Honorable mentions!

Here are other great songs I recently found!

  • Kill, fuck, marry _ Nikki Williams.
  • Ahorita _ Carlos Sadness (it's in spanish)
  • Friends _ Chase Atlantic.
  • Like I love you _ Lost Frequencies.

That's all of it. Hope you liked it aaaaand see you in my next article.