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Do you believe zoadic signs? I think I believe some things, but not everything. So today I will tell you what is the sign of some k-idols.
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My kpop colletion:

|Aquarius (January 21- February 19)

Description: Innovation, originality and independence.

  • Boy: Lucas (NCT)-25/01/1996
lucas, nct, and wayv image Image removed
  • Girl: Jihyo (Twice)-01/02/1997
twice, jihyo, and kpop image twice and jihyo image

|Pisces (February 20- March 20)

Description: Solidarity, intuition and detachment.

  • Boy: Wonho (Monsta X)-01/03/1992
shin hoseok, wonho, and monsta x image kpop, lee, and shin image
  • Girl: Solar (Mamamoo)-21/02/1991
solar, mamamoo, and moon byul image Image removed

|Aries (March 21- April 19)

Description: Spontaneity, courage and energy.

  • Boy: Xiumin (EXO)-26/03/1990 (I miss him btw <3 But he's ok)
pretty man image army, asian, and exo image
I miss him so much!!! But he's ok!! <3
  • Girl: lisa (BlackPink)-27/03/1997
beautiful, girl, and korea image Image removed

|Taurus (April 20- May 20) (this is my sign btw ahah)

Description: Persistence, sensuality and stubbornness.

  • Boy: New (The boyz)-26/04/1998 (I WAS BORN THE SAME DAY 3 YEARS LATER!!)
kpop, new, and preview image details, icon, and kpop image
  • Girl: Hani (EXID)-01/05/1992
aesthetic, asian girls, and beautiful image exid and hani image

|Gemini (June 21- May 20)

Description: Curiosity, intelligence and freedom.

  • Boy: E’Dawn (ex Pentagon)-01/06/1994
kpop, hyuna, and edawn image pentagon, shine, and universe image
I love them btw!!
  • Girl: Yeji (ITZY)-26/05/2000
itzy, yeji, and hwang yeji image Image removed

|Cancer (June 21- July 22)

Description: Affection, sensibility and family.

  • Boy: Taeyong (NCT)-01/06/1995
nct, taeyong, and kpop image nct, nct 127, and taeyong image
  • Girl: Hyewon (IZ*One)-05/06/2003
kpop, hyewon, and izone image hyewon, izone, and kang hyewon image

|Leo (July 23- August 21)

Description: Creativity, self-esteem and nobility.

  • Boy: S.Coups (Seventeen)-08/08/1995
Temporarily removed Image removed
  • Girl: Hwasa (Mamamoo)-23/07/1997
gif, girl, and kpop image solar, mamamoo, and hwasa image

|Virgo (August 22- September 22)

Description: Objectivity, humanity and organization.

  • Boy: Jungkook (BTS)-01/09/1997
aesthetic, white, and bts image jungkook and bts image
  • Girl: Joy (Red Velvet)-03/09/1996 (Happy birthday sweety joy <3)
Image removed joy, red velvet, and park sooyoung image

|Libra (September 23- October 22)

Description: Vanity, empathy and diplomacy.

  • Boy: B.I. (ex IKON)-22/10/1996
bi, Ikon, and kim hanbin image b.i and hanbin image
  • Girl: Chuu (LOONA)-20/10/1999
chuu, loona, and kpop image Image by ali ✿

|Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Description: Intensity, mystery and intuition.

  • Boy: Hongjoong (Ateez)-07/10/1998
kim, kpop, and selca image Image by Tbug
  • Girl: Seungyeon (CLC)-06/10/1996
kpop, seungyeon, and clc image clc, seungyeon, and Devil image

|Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

Description: Optimism, freedom and movement.

  • Boy: Daniel (ex Wanna One)-10/12/1996
kpop, wanna one, and kpop lq image lq, wanna one, and kang daniel image
  • Girl: Sowon (Gfriend)-07/12/1995
kpop, buddy, and sowon image yewon, sowon, and yuju image

|Capricorn (December 22- January 21)

Description: Responsibility, ambition and persistence.

  • Boy: Kai (EXO)-14/01/1994
exo, kim, and kpop image Image by ᴘɪ
  • Girl: Jisoo (BlackPink)-03/01/1995
blackpink and jisoo image jisoo aesthetic image

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