What if I had one wish and I'd wish that I wasn't myself anymore, would anyone care? What if I can't live with the silence right now? What if I just can't force myself to keep on hoping that one day I'll be lucky too? What if everhything I've hoped for last year, seems like the impossible right now? I honestly wish you the best, I really do. It just seems not fair that I've been sitting here, every night, desperately waiting for him to catch my eye, and yet I'm still the only one left alone. I hate this summer, I hate you for being the lucky one, I hate the unknown feeling I have right now. I hate myself, why can't I be enough, just once? I can't even get my food down my throat just because of the feeling I have in my stomach. I hate staring at my computer not even knowing what to put on paper just because I really don't fucking know how fucked up I am. I can't think straight like this because whenever I try, everything and mostly him, crosses my mind.