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I was thinking of doing some article related to descendants maybe an aesthetic but I saw these articles.

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They inspired me to do the same, here I have others if you want to see them.

I know there's a animated show about descendants but I'm completely ignoring that, I only have watched the movies so... let's do this.

🌻 Name: Alina

🌻 Appearance:

Temporarily removed girl, sun, and photography image girl and smile image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Green eyes, olive skin tone, brown hair, cute smile and stunning eyebrows.

🌻 Parent(s):

hair, blonde, and braid image tangled, disney, and rapunzel image afternoon, boyfriend, and couple image hair, aesthetic, and boy image
Daughter of Rapunzel & Eugene Fitzherbert/ "Flynn Rider"

🌻 Home:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It rapunzel, tangled, and disney image boat, sunset, and photography image Temporarily removed
she lives in near Auradon main city, nest to a lake in a castle with her parents.

🌻 Style:

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed fashion, gucci, and style image Temporarily removed
Alina's favorite colors are purple and pink just like her mom, she loves ruffled , embroidered and translucent cloth.

🌻 Accesories

Temporarily removed rings, jewelry, and butterfly image accessories, style, and fashion image necklace, gold, and butterfly image
Flowers, butterflies, sun and many sparkly things.

🌻 Personality:

Image by too many ocs quotes, words, and people image quotes words image french, me!, and Taylor Swift image
Kind, funny, brave, dramatic.

🌻 Powers:

aesthetic, minimal, and white image bag, brown, and leather image
Alina learn from his mother how to fight with fry pans and from his father learn how to borrow stuff from other people without they knowing.
light, girl, and magic image hands, light, and sun image
She also can heal injuries and light up dark rooms,she is basically a flashlight.

🌻 Solo Song:

I'll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan

yellow, piano, and boy image disney, rapunzel, and weapon image crown image boy, yellow, and tumblr image
Alina teach Ben her parents skills.

🌻 Friends:

bal, ben, and castle image Temporarily removed Image removed ben, carlos, and film image
Alina's best friend is Ben, but she is friend with all the vk's too.

Hope you liked this, you can see my other articles

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