I read a lot of articles about self love (even me wrote about it), with different views and tips and that's amazing but, It's easy speak about it, the problem start when you have to believe in this words.

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How many people do you think really love themselves? I guess we have like 30% of the population around the world, and I am trying to be optimistic; even famous people fight with this 'cause they're like you and me. Now, I have another question for you.. Is it possible find self love? Yes, it is. is it easy? no, sorry.

I always think life It's made of processes, everything need a process, when you have to forgive someone, when you lose someone, when you learn something new, etc. I think it's important to take your time, don't feel pressure to love yourself, step to step you can go until find self love.

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Then, Why am I writing about this? simple, I think its important to say that no always people that write things about 'Love myself' really feel it, maybe they're living the process or they're trying to express their need of self love. Even me, sometimes I feel like I don't like me, but I'm learning how to love myself and doing things to make that a lifestyle and true thought.

Be happy, live your times, find your love, find yourself.