What I wore this week to school

First I will show you my everyday makeup routine

makeup, beauty, and mascara image
bronze, brunette, and hairstyle image eyes, aesthetic, and makeup image
I just do my eyebrows and put on some mascara
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fashion, clothes, and girl image
nike, white, and sneakers image accessories, chic, and fashion image
a silk top, blue jeans, white sneakers and gold hoops
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belt, fashion, and shirt image
vans image earrings, jewelry, and accessories image
a patterned shirt, brown belt, black jeans, gold hoops and black vans
casual, clothes, and comfy image Temporarily removed
fashion, style, and outfit image
necklace, style, and fashion image Image by K Y L I E
a sweatshirt, black jeans, gold necklace and hoops, black vans
outfit, style, and aesthetic image beauty, brown, and corduroy image
girl, fashion, and style image
earrings, gold, and hoops image converse, shoes, and white image
corduroy pants, tshirt, gold hoops and necklace and converse
fashion, style, and outfit image fashion image
fashion, 90s, and vintage image
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some fun flowy pants, a strap top, black boots and gold hoops

and then for the weekends...

aesthetic, casual, and classy image fashion, outfit, and style image
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gold, nails, and oro image fashion, nike, and sneakers image
a simple top, a patterned maxi skirt, gold rings and white sneakers
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body, diet, and fit image
just some grey sweats and white sneakers

hope you liked it;)