I can't seem to go through my day without listening to music. So, here's the top five songs I've been listening to throughout the month of August.

1. Milano Good Vibes - Mahmood
I first discovered Mahmood through Eurovision, I have been captured ever since and have loved everything he has released so far.

italian, italy, and musician image
Mahmood - Gioventù bruciata (2019)

2. Rollercoaster - Chungha
I have loved this song ever since it was released, I have it in multiple playlists.

girl, kpop, and rollercoaster image
Chungha - Offset (2018)

3. Barrio - Mahmood
Technically this song was released on the 30th of August but I have had it on repeat since the minute it was released.

boy, italian, and music image
Mahmood - Barrio (2019)

4. Drag the Lake - The Amity Affliction
I transitioned from a complete metal head to a goth that also listens to K-Pop as a teenager, and my love for heavy stuff has never left.

amity, ivy, and misery image
The Amity Affliction - Misery (2018)

5. HIT - Seventeen
Another K-Pop song. I have stanned Seventeen since before they debuted and I love everything they have released. Their stage presence only adds to their capabilities as a group.

kpop, Seventeen, and vernon image
Seventeen - HIT (2019)