today's article got inspired by this one:

Hello, folks.

Since I'm really eager to find my own aesthetic for a while now, I decided to do an aesthetic inspired article.

The Dark Academia Aesthetic is something I always liked, but never quite felt connected to, basically, it's pretty but not my aesthetic.

However, enough of the talking, let's just get to it right away.



Are you going to learn greek, latin or french?

aesthetic, art, and museum image book and aesthetic image


Will you drink coffee or hot tea as you read through old books?

poetry, book, and quotes image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


Running through the dark, mysterious forests behind the school at night or early morning walks around the school?

classics, dark, and Darkness image fashion, clothes, and style image

Running through the dark, mysterious forests behind the school.

Will you read "kill your darlings" or "the picture of dorian gray"?

girl, music, and violin image art, autumn colors, and book image

Kill your darlings.

Will you read "the secret history" or "dead poets society"?

Image by tenderlygirl architecture, autumn, and castle image

Dead Poets Society.

All-girls school, all-boys school or school for everyone?

love image Image by tenderlygirl

School for Everyone.

Will you tell your friends about Oscar WIlde or Edgar Allan Poe?

aesthetic image books, desk, and old image

Edgar Allan Poe.

Will you tell the rough truth or the sweet lies about what happened last weekend?

city, bike, and oxford image Letter, romance, and vintage image

The rough truth.

Will you prefer the sound of the crowded library (flipping pages, pencils meeting paper, soft whispers) or your shared dormitory at night (snoring, fire crackles, rain tapping against the window)?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

My shared dormitory at night (without the snoring, please.)

Running in the rain or laying on the grass in summer?

Image by Destinee violin, music, and instrument image

Running in the rain.

At night, when they ask for a scary story, will you tell of true crime or urban legends?

diningroom, great hall, and oxford university image book, quotes, and culture image


Will your old radio play classical or jazz?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, minimal, and minimalism image


Will you take English or History classes?

automne, building, and Chambre image Image by tenderlygirl

History Class.


That's it for today.

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FInally, I hope that you have a wonderful 24 hours ahead of you and I'll write to you in the following days.

- Rana