Hey hearters.
It has been a while since I wrote. And now I'm back:).
I try to be a good person. But I believe that there still is a lot to learn. I think everybody can develope themselves. So, I desided to make a list of a few things that could help you to be a better person.

Ask people "how are you"?

That's actually a very simple thing. But hey, think about it. Do you really think people ask each other how they are doing, often enogh? Cause I don't think so. And if a person is sad it really can mean a lot if someone asked.

Try to think it from the others perspective

Okey. So if you for example are in a fight you need to think it from the other persons perspective too. It helps you to forgive and to understand what you did wrong or how you hurt a person. It makes you really think about the situation from a bigger perspective, and that just makes you understand more.

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Learn to forgive.

I believe that forgiveness is very important. You can't hang you up on the small things, cause life goes on. Really. Try to forgive and let go easier, to save time, tears and fights.

Work on improving yourself

You are wrong sometimes. You hurt people sometimes. You make wrong decisions sometimes. That's just the way it is. And that is okay. But if you want to grow, you need to understand what you did wrong or what you need to change and work on. Then think about those things and focus on them to get better.

Be helpful

If a person asks for your help, then help. And do it with love and your inner kindness. And if a person doesn't ask, but seems to need help, ask if the person need help to show that you are there to help.

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Listen to people

To listen to people is so important. To just be there. Sometimes that is all a friend needs. When a friend has a bad day, let him/her tell about how hi/her is doing and just listen, be there and care.

Think berfore you talk

You need to think about what you tell other people. Words can hurt. Sometimes you are angry, but you still need to think before you talk.

Be honest

Just be honest. Everything gets so messed up if you lie and you won't feel any better.

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Be a better friend

If you sometimes feel like your friends aren't there for you or don't understand you, that is very sad. But you can think about yourself, and make sure that you always are there for your friends and always try to be a good friend.

Accept people

You don't need to like everyone. But accept them. Everybody is different and you can work on accepting differences. It is so important to accept peoples opinions, how they feel or how they dress.

Be kind to yourself too

You are working on yourself, and that shows that you are willing to be a better person and work on you. That is a good thing and you can be proud over yourself for that. You are a person too, who deserves to be treated good. So be kind to yourself.

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