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In life, we all have bad days but at times we feel like a bad day follows a bad day and then another and we feel like we are in a tunnel without having sight of the end. We all have such periods in our life and that is ok. I had a couple myself and so I can help you guys out with these 5 tips.

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Tip no 1: Start living in the Tunnel

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Yes, you read that right. How many of you keep saying that you will start working out when this bad phase is over. How many of you yearn for the end of the tunnel and say that you can only be happy once you reach the other side? I don't know about you but I have been guilty of this myself a couple of time. Well, the truth is we can't wait for the end of the tunnel to start picking ourselves up. Decorate your tunnel, light some candles, add some music to your tunnel, add a rug and some furniture if need be. Haha, what I mean by all this is that you need to start enjoying your life now, not when you have got your dream job or when you found a new partner. I know this is harder said than done, believe me, I have been there waiting for something to start making me happy but I have succeeded in doing my best why still in the cold clammy tunnels of life. And you know what if I could do it, why not you :)

Tip no 2: Make a list of the things that are bothering you right now

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I know this is not the funniest thing to do but It is important. Sometimes we feel so lost and we don't even know what led us into the tunnel in the first place. Once you have the list try to tackle one by one. If you might be feeling lonely, get out more. You don't need to go to a party, just go for some coffee with an old friend, join uplifting groups on Facebook like Intentionally devine. Some things on the list might need a lot of work, but you can do it, take your time, be patient with yourself.

Tip no 3: Make a list of all great things going on in your life

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Maybe there is not much but look closer. You are breathing, your heart is beating, you are lucky to be alive. Think hard about this one, don't brush it off as a cheesy tip. Once we become grateful for what we have, more things to be grateful to show up in our life. Where focus goes, energy flows. So focus on the good in your life while still working on the things you need to work through.

Tip no 4: Get help

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This is the hardest one for me. I am quite an independent person and would love others to think I have it all together but you know what that is not the way to be. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. There are others that would love to help you, believe me, but they can't unless you let them. You might confide in some friend, go to therapy, even get your family involved if you feel comfortable. There is so much you can get from sharing your burdens with others. Sometimes even talking things out will help you. And others can even help you out of the situation you are in, maybe a friend of you can help get you a good word with her boss and you might find employment. We are made for community, do yourself a favour and don't cut yourself out when you need others most. I was guilty of that several times and it
leads you nowhere, believe me.

Tip no 5: Allow yourself to mess up along the way

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your journey towards the end of the tunnel may not be smooth, you may fall a couple of times, you may see the end just to realize it was nothing but a mirage of your imagination. But you need to keep ongoing. No matter how many times you fall, keep getting up, keep moving forward even if it means you are crawling. Just don't give up. I know at times giving up feels the easiest way out but believe me it isn't. I failed my car exam 3 consecutive times. I wanted to quit but I didn't and I got my license today. Looking back it was difficult but this made me stronger and am more able to handle setbacks.

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I hope this article helps at least one of you and will help make your day a little bit brighter.

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