Hello dear people, the month August is over so it's time to write a life and writing update again. This is something I want to do at the beginning of every new month. I hope you all had a beautiful summer, I absolutely had an amazing summer break but more about that later in the article.
My life and writing update of August
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  • Summer break and my new school year
My school started yesterday and I don't really know what to say about that, it's school. I have some awful teacher, (I'm sorry to say this but it is the truth) my Dutch teacher is always talking about history and my French teacher is a wich so yeah, this will be a really nice year with them. (hear the sarcasm)
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As I said, my summer break is over (crying in bed and eating chocolate) but it was an amazing holiday. It's not that I did some special things or big journeys to countries far away but it was just me and my family in my grandparents' vacation house near the sea. I went to the beach a lot and I already miss it.
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Now I'm home for school and my mother's work but at the weekend we go back to the sea! I can't wait for the next holiday which will be autumn break at the end of Oktober and the beginning of November.
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  • Writing in September?
In the new school year, I want a certain day every week when I will upload a new article. I'm thinking about Thursday but I'm still doubting, I will let you all know when I'm sure about it. I would love to give you an article every week but I'm not sure if it will work for me because some weeks I'm busier than other weeks and I'm bad with planning my stuff. But I will absolutely write some articles, I have some new ideas and I love writing so much.
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  • My life at this moment
At this moment I have to go to school every day, as a normal student so most of my time I'm in school. I also wanted to start with piano lessons this year but unfortunately, there aren't places anymore for people who want to do a second instrument in my music school. I'm waiting for an answer from another music school. (where I had my lessons violin when I was a kid) I hope so for a good answer, I really want to start with piano lessons.
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So we're at the end of the article, it's a short one I think but I hope you enjoyed it a little week. I would love to see you next week again so be sure that you click on the follow button if you don't want to miss my next articles. I also want to say that if you have some article ideas some things you want me to write about; just send me a message I don't bite most of the time. :)

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Written and published on the third September 2019