I saw this kind of article many times lately and I thought it was adorable so here's mine. Enjoy!

Dream destination:

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Brooklyn, New York City

Dream home:

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Dream job:

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I'd like to become a pediatrician.

Dream partner:

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I'm bi and everyday I get asked if I would prefer to marry a man or a woman, my answer is always "I'll marry whoever I'm in love with"

Dream style:

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I want to dye my hair blonde, you probably noticed from my OCs but I think my style wouldn't change much.

Dream holiday house:

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I'd love a tiny chalet somewhere in the mountains or an apartment near the sea.

Dream pets:

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I already have a black cat named Castiel and I would love to have a mini cocker spaniel called Oscar

Dream family:

family, baby, and kids image baby, cute, and child image baby, cute, and kids image baby and christmas image baby, bath, and family image baby, cute, and twins image
I'd love to have 3-4 kids. I love the names Isabelle, Elizabeth and Victoria for girls and the names Julian, Raphael and Sebastian for boys