If I were ...

an element | Water

flowers, aesthetic, and water image beach, aesthetic, and sea image
Swimming is one of my best hobbies and water is hushed and calm like me

a flower | Lavender

Image by ⚜️Luna en el Cielo ⚜️ Temporarily removed
I like this scent

a color | Red

wine and red image red and hands image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
My personality is like red,ambitious,passionate,gallant.I love classic things like red roses.No matter what I can controle myself and climb over rigors.

an animal | Penguin

animal, penguin, and family image Image by zeynep
I am a bird but I cant fly,I am cute but unfaithful,enduring,I love water,I take a mask for people and they cant see my real face.I dont like tell my secrets.

a water | Rain

Temporarily removed rain, light, and aesthetic image
Contrary to other people,when I see rain I feel wonderful.Coffee,book and rain.It is all.

a season | Winter

Image by Libby winter, snow, and nature image
Feel chilly feels good.Winter remembers me hard conditions and studying.Sometimes I feel funereal but I feel strong,too.Winter will be my season,as always.

a city | London

london, autumn, and city image Image by 𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐱𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐯𝐞
I've always wanted to go to London.I wanted to live there.People says 'English people are rude and cold.' but I dont believe this.Because cold people are everywhere,you shouldnt evaluate people according to races.

a view | mountain

flowers, nature, and aesthetic image japan, cat, and moon image
fresh air,romance and cold

a time of day | Midnight

chair, evening, and gothic image moon and night image
moon is sparkling and I am starting to count stars...

a book | Peony

Image by zeynep beauty, flower, and pale image
I love reading books a lot but this book is special for me.This one is first novel that I read.And ıt affected me very much.

a movie | Bookshop

Temporarily removed Image removed
Florence's life was hard and the film was a bit funereal.A modest,simple film.

a TV show | Rosalinda

mexican+, rosalinda+, and mexican+drama+ image mexican+, rosalinda+, and mexican+drama+ image
a old TV show,unfortunately residual ıt is not showing on TV

a song | Chat Shire

blue, girl, and kpop image arrow, black, and girl image
iu and leejieun image kpop, iu, and 아이유 image
Which one? You can`t tell with my face Because making an opposite facial expression to the fellings Is really simple Which one? Actually, I don`t know At first, I never wrote A single line of lies

a food | Sushi

food and sushi image Image removed
I am big fan of sushi and seafood,I love shrimp and octopus,too.Dont think I am eating bad things!!!It tastes well.

a body part | Hands

Image removed Temporarily removed
like a magic,hands are elegant and fascinating

an accessory | Fulffy Dress

dress, princess, and hair image black, dark dress, and dress image Image removed dress, fashion, and purple image
Because of fluffy dresses,I want to live old times.I really want to go balls with fluffy dresses.

End *-*