aesthetic, redhead, and luca hollestelle image Inspiring Image on We Heart It food, fries, and yummy image yellow, jeans, and aesthetic image couple, eva, and jonas image food, waffles, and milk image
my soulmate • study partner • radiant smile • immaculate skin • vanilla scent • dogs • brown-ish voluminous hair • an artist • bibliophile • probably talks to plants when nobody's watching • sunflowers • heartfelt apologies • deep conversations about life and the universe • drinking tea on a windy autumn evening • big sweaters • chilly breeze waking you up gently on october morning


skam, eva, and noora image friendship image black, girl, and dark image hair, girl, and blonde image fashion, shoes, and girl image fashion and hair image
internet friend • wise • child of the sun • we hated each other at the beginning • her love is unconditional • palm trees • traveler • vibrant parties • cold drinks • sassy • hot summer nights • horror movies • blond/black hair • staying up all night • the one who always understands • the opposite of me


fashion, jeans, and style image girl, vintage, and bike image pink, girlboss, and quotes image brown hair, white, and yellow image dog, puppy, and goldendoodle image alcohol, drink, and friends image
carefree • hanging out with friends • long bike rides • bossy • pizza is always a good idea • night owl • like father like daughter • cute doggo • night car drives


Image removed fashion, vintage, and bag image food, chocolate, and yummy image beige, girl, and vintage image hair, hairstyle, and beauty image Image removed
history lover • autumn candles • long scarfs • beige • short hair don't care • cheerful • chocolate • alt music • smol • soft • cute • she jumps when she's super excited about something • london rain

Take care x