Classy beauties

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Independant, stylish, discreet, charismatic, but also overthinking and melancholic.

Color : black.
Spiritual animal : cat, panther.
City / Place : Paris.

- Can seem cold but is actually friendly with everyone.
- Always well dressed.
- Likes to be complimented.
- Is a f*cking heartbreaker without wanted it.

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Playlist :

  • Pretty -The Weeknd.
  • Jewels - Black Atlass.
  • Here - Alessia Cara.

Sweet creatures

makeup, aesthetic, and clouds image
Kind, shy, loyal, artsy, but also anxious and mefiant.

Color : pale pink.
Spiritual animal : ladybug, butterfly, bird.
City / Place : wild beach.

- Loves all animals.
- Likes to paint when she feel lonely.
- Had a cute smile.
- Hides her feelings at school because she's afraid of being judged.

aesthetic, beach, and nature image aesthetic, art, and beige image

Playlist :

  • City of Angels - Miguel.
  • Ocean eyes - Billie Eilish.
  • Naked - Ella Mai.

Rebel click

girl, grunge, and purple image
Reckless, funny, original, idealistic but also selfish and insecure.

Color : red, black.
Spiritual animal : wolf.
City / place : Tokyo.

- Always up for adventures with her gang, specially at night.
- Takes risks all the time.
- Is pissed of by conventional people and like to be alone.
- Can be manipulative.

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Playlist :

  • Chlorine - Twenty one Pilots.
  • The Beautiful and Damned - G-Eazy.
  • Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood.