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This third part is really more of a recommendation than anything so…

Honorable mentions:

TV show that you need to watch (Part 2) | It's Okay, That's Love
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This was my very first korean drama, and it's also one of the best I've seen. I like psychological dramas that deal with mental ilnesses where the characters gets their happy endings (yes, I'm a sucker for those). It's also very realistic, raw and direct when addressing said illnesses and I'd say it's surprisingly informative about them too. The main character is a female doctor in the pshychic ward and meets a carefree writer who is full of himself. Their relationship is very hostile due to ther personal problems, especially her fobia intimate relationships due to childhood trauma (dont worry, you learn about this in the first 20 minutes). Eventually they warm up to one another and she finds out that he also has bigger problems than she originally thought. Its was very sweet and a good drama if you want some feels but it's also very domestic. Nothing too over the top. Not to mention the secondary characters that are very eyecatching and entertaining too. 10/10 recommend to any romance/psychological drama lover .

The next two are similar so if you like romance you just found your own personal goldmine for tv shows. You're welcome:

TV show that you need to watch (Part 3) | Kill Me, Heal Me
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The main character has dissociative identity disorder and a strong minded doctor who doesn't take shit from anyone is determined to help him. Eventually they find out the origin of his DID also involves the doctor (but I can't say anything else or I'll just give everything away). This show is slightly longer than the previous one.
TV show that you need to watch (Part 4) | Hello Monster/I Remember You
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This show is much darker and more prone to make you scared and sad than the other two. The protagonists are detectives/profilers. The female protagonist finds out the male protagonists father is gone and the brother missing and it involved a murderer that is far more intelligent and sadistic than the main characters anticipated as well as the twisted and cruel truth about what happened to his family. I know it made me cry. I remember that…

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