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TV Show you have abandoned | Arrow
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I want to watch it but at the same time I have others things to watch 😩 So many shows to keep up with. But I will do it! Eventually...
TV Show you've watched many times | The Vampire Diaries
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I was gonna put Skins here too because I have rewatched it but since I already talked about it in my first post I'll just mention TVD on this one. Both of these I've rewatched entirely two or three times. I've also rewatched many times a few seasons or especific episodes of The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Gotham because they really stuck with me or because I really enjoyed them. But watching from beggining to end only Skins and The Vampire Diaries.
The most underrated TV Show | Gotham
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I know there are many comics fans who don't like Gotham because it isn't the 'straight out of the source material' type of show. But the show occurs around a decade before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman and as far as I know noone has ever done such an explicit and detailed representaion of so many characters a decade before the dark knight existed, especially so well. The show is very dark (literally and figuratively) but it still manages to be goofy. There are some subplots that didn't gain my interest but overall it is a good show! No matter what people say you'll never get a better representation of these characters on TV. Period. Recommend to any lover of heroes and villains (especially villains, this show has so many of them 😍)
TV show that you need to watch | The Office
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It's very difficult to choose one show to recommend to everyone because everyone has different taste. Some of you might not like comedy but I'd still recommend this. Yes, The Office is mostly a comedy but it has so many emotional moments and, for a show that is prone to ridiculous behaviour, the actors portray these emotions in a very realistic way.
TV Show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking it | Vikings
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I honestly wasn't sure about a showlike this because I haven't really seen any TV Show like this. It's similar to Game of Thrones in many ways, but as GoT is a whole world, Vikings feels extremelly smaller. The focus is on the characters and the relationship and conflicts between them. I was pleasently surprised, espeacially with the first seasons. AND CAN WE TALK ABOUT RAGNAR?! Cause like, I was this close to pick him as my favorite tv character! he's awesome! Ragnar and Athelstan are more than shippable btw. Ship of the year.
TV Show that everybody likes but you don't | Friends
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I can see the appeal and I can understand that in it's day it was a fantastic show. Obviously this is a matter of taste but it's just not my type of comedy. And that thing that these types of shows do when the characters address the lesson learned from a mistake they made, they adress it so directly and in such a cartoonish way that I can't ever take them seriously. but again, it's a matter of taste. I'm just not a fan.
TV Show you're currently watching | Shameless
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I'm only on the first season and I'm loving it! It reminds me a lot of Skins, as expected. And yes, I did start watching it because of Cameron Monaghan (who was also in Gotham), he's a great actor~
TV Show you want to start watching | Peaky Blinders
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It's been on my 'to watch' list for a while, also Cillian Murphy is one of the main character, which is only one more reason to watch this show ASAP.

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