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Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I have a bullet journal. I'm assuming that we Weheartit users probably have some sort of bullet journal/ diary. I don't know why but maybe because we are all into the aesthetics-kind-of-things, and we like creating things.

Anyway, so bullet journals are cool right? All those pictures of cool, colorful pages with cool fonts and cute drawings. If you search on Pinterest and on Weheartit, you would see how pretty bullet journals are. It's because bullet journals are meant to bring out a person's creativity. You can literally do anything in a bullet journal... it's yours. You can express yourself the way you want to without having anyone judge you. I personally think everyone should have a bullet journal or some sort of thing/place where he or she can express their thoughts.

But the reason I wanted to talk about bullet journals is not because of the way they look. I want to discuss the other reason of a bullet journal. Okay, so a lot of the things we write in our bullet journal usually have to do with something about fixing ourselves, our lifestyle, etc.

So we write and write.

"How to sleep better."
"How to eat better."
"Things I can do to be healthier."
"How to be more social."

It's great that we do that: try to make ourselves better, but I think there's no point in writing a bullet journal if you just write and don't actually make the effort to change.

Pretty papers, nice fonts, colorful drawings don't mean a thing if we don't stick with the goals. Am I right?

So all I'm saying is that yes, write your heart out, make pages your canvas for your creativity, but make sure you are following what you are saying and following your goals :)

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