So… I had a lot of fun with the first time I did this so I figured I should do another one, and yes, I really like my tv shows so I'll rant a little… sorry about that.
I'm guessing that in an 'aesthetic challenge' you're not supposed to use any actual tv show footage, or at least the least possible, so I'm gonna try and do that.

This was inspired by this post:

So let's just jUmP iNTo iT GuYs

Favorite TV Show | Supernatural
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It was also my first TV Show ever. There were some boring moments like in every show but, even though it lasted for 15 seasons (even tho the last one still hasn't aired), the subplots still manage to keep me hooked on the show even if they almost basically have something different to focus on each season (not that anyone asked, but the fifth season or, as I'd like to call it, the 'Apocalypse' season is the best).
Favorite character from a TV Show | Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham)
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I could always relate to Oswald for many reasons. I'm not as childish and selfish as he is, but on any other aspects we're pretty similar. i was always rooting for him! Also the actor is down-to-earth and very kind so that is always a good bonus! There are SO many characters that I just had to go with the first that popped into my head. Next week my fave will probably be someone else. But the Penguin will always have a special place in my heart.
TV Show you're ashamed to admit you watch | Once Upon a Time
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I'm honestly just ashamed of a few seasons, because the first three seasons are awesome! And the fifth is good too. I actually recommend this show if you like fantasy and fairytales but after the fourth season (the fourth season itself especially) was a big disappointment in comparisson to the first three seasons. The concept of the show was awesome but it felt like one of those shows that doesn't know when to stop the story…
One TV Crush | Emilia Clark (Game of Thrones)
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I only chose her because I recently saw a movie with her in it. There are way too many people for me to have a major crush on only one. Next week it will probably be Crystal Reed or Rami Malik or smth idk...
TV Show that reminds you of your childhood | Huntik
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This is the only aiimated TV that's gonna make this list probably. It's a part of my childhood and everytime Huntik is a topic of conversation I remembre very vividly watching it as a child.
Character from a TV Show that you would like to play | John Watson (Sherlock)
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John Watson is Sherlocks best friend, partner in crime (investigation), he has an exciting life but there is also time to rest. He learns things with Sherlock when it comes to logic and detective skills and Watson helps Sherlock with his emoticons and social skills, and I want to play that role and learn things with Sherlock and solve crimes but not in the conventional way that cops do. In a more exciting and adventurous way that Sherlock does.

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