name Medea Rodgers
age 16 years old

eyes and blue eyes image Image by ุŒ
Tall, brunette, grey stone eyes
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Her mother is a witch, her father a human


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Ravenclaw, like her mother


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Medea is really proud of her house, Ravenclaw. She wears blue tulle, silk and velvet, gold and silver jewels, stars and moon.


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The eagle


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hours of fun with friends after hours of solitude and study. Medea wants to be the best Ravenclaw witch. Her friends are exclusively from her house.


She believes in the legend hat the Gray Lady, Helena Ravenclaw, tells to the best students: the bronze wings's secret.

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Helena Ravenclaw

Legend says that the Ravenclaws will save Hogwarts from the threat of darkness. Rowena, house founder, has hidden one great power in the walls of the school: the most worthy of the Ravenclaw will discover it and will teach his companions how to fly.

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Medea is determined to get that power. Her belief is frowned upon by the professors, who fear she may yield to darkness and become the threat announced by Rowena Ravenclaw.

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