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Clueless (1995)

hair, girl, and blonde image brunette and girl image Image by мσσηℓιgнт aesthetic, pink, and mirror image
this is one of the most entertaining movies I have watched and I absolutely love it, I rewatched it for like the 5th time I simply adore it

Mean Girls (2004)

2000s, iconic, and movies image quotes, aesthetic, and text image jewelry, paris, and rich image Devil, aesthetic, and shadow image
obviously another great chick flick I watched for the 10th time, iconic one liners and the only chick flick with some great teachers, unrealistic but cool



tattoo, eye of horus, and horus image red, drink, and aesthetic image girl, sexy, and tumblr image shirt, silk, and red image
I love her music & the visuals in her music videos, they are all so stunning. Some suggestions; sirens of the caspian, human, that other girl, mad woman, hubris


rosalia image makeup, red, and beauty image flowers, rose, and red image fashion, bracelet, and style image
hugest girl crush, her songs just hype me up so much. suggestions; aute cuture, malamente, con altura, di mi nombre, yo x ti tu X mi


bobby, logic, and sinatra image black, clothes, and fashion image black and quote image apple, colors, and grunge image
confessions of a dangerous mind is simply one hell of an album; some suggestions; keanu reeves, homicide, icy, ballin'


Yoora Jung

school, college, and university image white, aesthetic, and bed image book, desk, and library image Image removed
medical college student, study vlogs, lifestyle, really relatable but also dedicated to her studies, perfect to get you into the mood for the new student year

Briddy Li

fashion, outfit, and style image book, school, and study image aesthetic, art, and beauty image coffee, coffee shop, and light image
another dedicated college student, should be paid for all the all nighters she pulls, studying with friends, traveling with family


Six of Crows Duology

photography image black, gloves, and man image pirate, ship, and sea image aesthetic, book, and books image
I didn't have too many expectations for these series but I actually fell in love with it instantly. Incredible portrayal of poc characters, characters with trauma, characters raised in hate groups, lgbt characters, an incredible haste, great characters dynamics, entertaining and heartbreaking. super excited to read more leigh bardugo books

The Mortal Instruments Series

Abusive image tarot, aesthetic, and witch image dark, aesthetic, and architecture image behind the scenes and fantasy image
two facts about me before I get into this, I am a whore for magic and the supernatural and I am always disappointed with how overboard some writers go with it sometimes, second I am absolutely in love with The Infernal Devices another series by cassandra clare, I have re read it 3 times and because I adore her universe I thought that it was time to try the Mortal Instruments, its really interesting and it gets even better the further you get into the series, there;s drama, magic, clashes of good and evil, again very different characters, very well structured universe, I can't wait to get the third book

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